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About Hakiki Inn

Imagine eating your freshly prepared breakfast in the middle of the sawa’s (rice fields) with anamazing view of the Gunung Rinjani volcano while only being 30 feet from your bungalow. Located far away from fully packed and touristic places, yet close enough to the most wonderful and authentic sights of Lombok.

Froggs in the sawa’s will sing you to sleep and once and a while the black monkeys from the National Park will pay us a visit. Hakiki-Inn is an excellent location to organise and start a tracking tour at the Rinjani volcano and afterwards to recover from the trip.

Hakiki Inn is managed by Gun and his sister Rose for several years already. They build the bungalows themselves from ground up. Though the accommodation is very basic – the warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere make well up for it. Hakiki Inn is located at the base of the Gunung Rinjani volcano in the midst of unspoiled nature and traditional villages. It’s possible to witness local life (black smith, hand weaving, pottery, bamboo craft, etc.) or enjoy the beautiful scenery (waterfalls, Rinjani volcano, rice fields, etc.). Take hour-long walks through the rice fields with or without the help of an experienced guide from the village. Whom can explain to you the process of planting and harvesting various products of the area like rice, vanilla, coffee, avocado, tobacco, cacao. Or you can just sit down, relax and read a book.

Hakiki Inn can provide transport with or without driver to any place in Lombok. Also to and from the airport. There is also the possibility to rent a car or motorbike from the owner.

The area


Tetebatu is a little village in Indonesia, in the center of Lombok. The village is located two kilometers South of the National Park Gunung Rinjani. It is a quaint and scenic rural area some 400-500 metres above see level, and gives visitors the chance to experience real, traditional village life in Lombok. This is as far removed from drunken beer boy scene in Senggigi and other touristic location as you could possibly imagine.

The Tetebatu area is perhaps best known for for its cultural attractions. Traditional Sasak handicraft artisans are spread throughout the villages in this area and products include black terracotta and basketry. The nearby town of Kotaraja is the best known location in Lombok to witness traditional Sasak stick fighting and the village has a long tradition of producing forged blacksmith tools.


Tracking on de volcano can be arranged by us. Many visitors to Lombok already made several tours, but not always returning with postive feedback. We are pleased to arrange your trip. Maybe not the cheapest option, but most likely the best organised ones! Imagine after a fabulous trip, recovering at our beautiful resort, enjoying the excellent food, atmosphere and scenery. test

Must see

This town is about 5km south of Tetebatu and is famous for the local form of stick fighting – peresehan. Regular events are held in which young Sasak men ceremonially fight each other with a rattan stick and a buffalo skin shield. Enquire locally in Tetebatu to see if any fights are scheduled. Kotaraja is the nearest village from Tetebatu with an ATM and internet café.

These falls are not as spectacular as those in the north of the national park around Senaru, but still very much worth the effort to see. You will need a guide to find Jukut and your hotel will certainly help with this. Expect to pay about Rp 100,000-150,000. The falls are reached via a really pleasant two hour walk from Tetebatu through charming rice paddies. Less recommended is to drive to the main car park, from where the falls are 2km down a well trodden walking track. Local Sasak lore has it that the waters here are a cure for baldness. Rp 20,000.

Tetebatu Monkey Forest park is a gentle 4km walk north of the town. Expect lots of macaques and some pleasant enough scenery and waterfalls. Again, ask at your hotel about a guide, and avoid any offers of motorised transport.